10 Best Foods to Have in the Breakfast – Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast time is very important as you are going to start your day. It’s a very good habit to get up early but leaving home without breakfast is just not good for you. At that time the food you eat would be digested by your stomach with much ease. If you are big foodie but have some issues regarding your weight then you can eat more healthy food in the morning as at that time your body metabolic rate is quiet high. The food you eat will not get stuck in the body because you have to work the whole day.

Skipping breakfast, affect your whole day activities. You may lead to overeating in the lunch or brunch which is not right. On the other hand good healthy breakfast give you the kick start of the day. You feel more energetic, satisfied and active.

10 Healthy Breakfast Foods

Here we made a list of some healthy foods you can have in your breakfast meal for the upright jump of the day.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are incredible protein sources, though their yolks are linked with the increase in the cholesterol level. One egg yolk can fulfill 605 daily cholesterol requirements.  Recent studies and research proves that the cholesterol in our food has less impact on our blood cholesterol. Reportedly an intake of whole egg with its yolk four times a week has no bad impact on your body. In fact it is power packed protein source with the vitamin D in it.

If you are not eating lots of fat and cholesterol from the synthetic food items then the eggs are great to add in your diet. Eggs yolks have good cholesterol which is actually good and required for your body.

  1. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is really delicious and handy choice to enjoy in the morning. It is healthy and you don’t need extra time for its preparation. Greek yogurt is packed with the calcium and protein two times more than that of the regular yogurt. It is recommended to go with the low fat varieties to make it healthier. Don’t go with the flavored and frozen yogurts as they are not that much good for you. You can also take it in your bag and enjoy it during the way to your office.

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