10 Best Foods Which Are Excellent Libido Boosters

Sex is affected by almost everything that happens in our lives. And the world we live in, is more like a house of stress, where we have to deal with so many things. Stress, anxiety, workload, mood-swings and FOOD, all these things are directly responsible for affecting the sexual desire among the partners, either positively or negatively. Many people go for medications or some kind of psychiatric treatment to increase their sexual desire. But this is not as complex as we consider this is. Sexual desire can be increased with certain foods. Yes, what we eat is directly responsible for increasing our sexual desire.

Following is a list of 10 foods that positively affects the sexual desires and aids in increasing libido in both men and women. So instead of going for unhealthy processed food selection, one should go organic and natural. This will not only help in your sex life but will also increase your overall health performance.

10 Excellent Libido Boosters

1. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is one of the healthiest piece of food with plenty of benefits. It increases the dopamine and serotonin levels in brain that reduces the stress hormones and makes us happy. It also boosts ‘the mood’ as well. Dark chocolate contains cocoa and cocoa is known for relaxing blood vessels and increases the blood flow. When the blood reaches towards every organ of the body, it boosts the sexual desire and helps increasing the libido in both men and women.


2. Banana:

Banana contains a lot of sodium that contracts the effect of sodium in the body. Salty food doesn’t only reduces the flow of blood towards genitals but it also causes difficulty in having orgasm while making you feel bloated.

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