10 Best Fruits For Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a chronic disease and its treatment is linked with the proper healthy diet. A diabetic patient is unable to maintain the blood glucose level of the body on its own. They need to rely on some artificial resources like insulin or tablets to control their sugar level. If you select the right food for you then more than 80 % of your disease got cured in a natural way. For this, you will need 10 best fruits for diabetic patients to take.

Diabetic patients feel hunger pangs more often and to control their cravings they might choose some unhealthy options. Diabetes rate is increasing and patients are worried about the glycaemic index in their foods. Our body also need some amount of sugar and diabetic patients do not need to eliminate all the sugars from their diet. They can select some fruits with the low glycaemic index. These fruits help to add some natural sugars in their body, to satisfy their sweet cravings. Moreover, actually such patients need to take an eye on their portion size. To keep them energetic for the whole day the right selection of food matters a lot. Fruits also provide the vital nutrients Vitamins, Minerals and fibre. These are good to have for everyone as they helps to keep you feel fresh and striking. Here we have the list of 10 best super fruits for the diabetic patients which will not harm the glycaemic index of your body.

10 best fruits for diabetic patients
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10 Best Fruits For Diabetic Patients

No doubt all the fruits are good for the health but the diabetic patients need to control the intake of some fruits like mango and some others with the high sugar content. These ten fruits are best to have in the diabetic condition. Moreover go with the option of fresh fruits and say no to canned and dried fruits. Fresh fruits contain less sugar as compared to the dried and preserved canned fruits.

  1. Guava

Guava is the highly recommended fruit for the diabetic patients by the doctors. It has a very balanced ratio of glycaemic index. It causes no harm to your blood sugar levels. More than that, it is good for your skin, health and hair.

  1. Papaya

Papaya is going to be a great addition in your diet. If you take it on the morning in your breakfast then it helps to control your belly bloating. It is a rich source of fibre and very good for your skin and hairs. However during pregnancy use of papaya should be avoided.

  1. Orange

Orange is the one citrus fruit which is best for all. You can take that fruit in diabetes and some other health related issues without the threat of any harm. Like other citrus fruits it is also a rich source of vitamin C. its juice is highly recommended by the doctors to have in your breakfast.

  1. Lemon

Lemons are simply great for all diabetic patients. It is high in vitamin C ratio which intake is really very important. Lemon juice of one to two lemon per day helps you to burn extra body fat and maintain your weight also.

  1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a good source of iron and naturally packed with the sufficient amount of Vitamin C. its juice is really very healthy and helps to increase the ration of body red blood cells.

  1. Apples

When we are talking about the top 10 healthy fruits then how we can forget apples. We all are very well aware of the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. A single apple fruit carries bundles of health. But try to take an apple on a whole with its skin.

  1. Peaches

If you get a chance to eat peaches in this season then it would definitely be a special treat for you. Peaches are delicious and also have Vitamin A, C, minerals and also a god source of fibre.

  1. Fig

Fig is a fruit of Jannah and a good source of minerals, vital nutrients and dietary fibres. This fruit can be taken in fresh form as well as in the dried form. It is recommended for the diabetic patients to take a look at the amount of figs taken per day. It has a low glucose content so also helps you to lose weight.

  1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is also one of the best and healthiest citrus fruit which need to be added in this fruit list. It can be eaten fresh with its pulp and also its extracted juice is very good for you. Like other processed and preserved packed fruit juices, grapefruit juice in tetra pack or other packaging should be avoided.

  1. Avocado

Avocado is also a fruit with the low glucose and calorie content. This fruit is a good source of energy and carries a sufficient amount of potassium and Vitamin in it.

Bonus Fruit: Kiwi fruit is one of the top diabetic fruit that control diabetic and gives you instant energy. Kiwi is compact source of vitamin C and fiber. Minimal source of sugar is accessed by eating kiwi fruit.

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