10 Healthy and Physical Benefits of Running

Running at least an hour a day can be very helpful in maintain an overall healthy body. It can also help in losing body weight, fight stress, and create better and glowing skin. It can increase our metabolism and also keep our blood pressure at constant level. All you have to focus on these healthy and physical benefits of running.

Top 10 Healthy & Physical benefits of running

Benefits of Running
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1) Over all mental health

Running helps maintaining overall mental health. It withers away the stress of the body. It makes our body happy and healthy by releasing certain chemicals in body.

2) Lessen effect of asthma

Running can make our lung muscles stronger. While running the heart and lungs in action, muscles work harder as breathing rate is increased and more oxygen is consumed by body and carbon dioxide is pumped out as faster rate.

3) Helps prevent high blood pressure

Arteries constrict and dilate during running that causes the blood vessels to remain fit. Blood flow is constantly regulated and thus healthy blood pressure is maintained.

4) Strong immune system

People who run more suffer from fewer infections. It provides resistance against cancer and diseases. Running promotes the movement of protective cells across the body and also eliminates certain pathogenic organisms from body such as bacteria and viruses. The body temperature increases after running that kills most of the bacteria and other organisms in the body. Thus running boosts our immune system.

5) Weight loss

Running can burn extra calories in body. To lose a pound in a week you must burn 500 calories each day. Excessive fat which is deposited in the body is removed which then keeps blood pressure at normal level and maintains good health.

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