The 10 Most Contaminated Foods In Your Fridge

We all know that our environment contains lots of chemical and pollution in abundance but do we were thought or care about the food we eat? No, but our food supply contains as much chemicals as our outside environment has. Most of this is due to harmful industrial farming methods, methods of food processing and packaging. Not all this contamination is due to industrial methods or activities. But still awareness about it is extremely important to protect our kids and families from exposure.

The good news is, you can adjust the switch to start a healthier lifestyle just by reducing your chemical acquaintance. Here are the 10 most polluted foods that stays in your refrigerator. That you should throw away right now and change them with better alternative foods.

10 Most Contaminated Foods


contaminated foods list
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  1. Mustard:

We all have a squeezed plastic bottle in our refrigerators with yellow sauce in it, which is obviously mustard sauce and this sauce has great iconic image for burgers, BBQs, and for picnic tables.
Mustard sauce contains Food dyes, texture adjusting chemicals, additives, artificial flavours, emulsifiers and even plasticisers.

All these chemicals collectively can become very hazardous to health including life threatening diseases like cancer, gut-health trouble and ADHD. Instead of mustard, look products from artisan producers and foods with no chemicals and additives.
This is not a difficult task, you just have to be little careful while shopping, read labels, shop at healthy food stores, eat natural and real food.

  1. Unfiltered and/or bottled water and drinks:

Water is solvent and it is specifically important to store it in stainless steel or glass or inert containers. Its’ not just water but all the drinks like juices, sodas, unfiltered water. And all those drinks stored in polycarbonate, aluminium or plastic cans.

These drinks comes in packages. These packaging might contain bisphenol, contaminations from municipal or ground water, plastic or even some really hazardous chemicals. Water and drinks that comes in plastic bottles can be contaminated from chemicals like BPA discharging from packaging that causes endocrine disturbance, carcinogens, and long-lasting chemicals stored in fats etc. It is almost impossible to find groundwater which is not contaminated and municipal water filters lots of chemicals but it comes with lots of additives. The only thing we can do to have safe water is to use filtering. Try to drink natural water stored in glass bottles or drink filtered water.

If you see a bottled drink or water says that it is BPA-free than don’t trust them. Because if they are BPA-free they should contain endocrine disturbing chemicals in them.

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