10 Simple Solutions to Even Your Skin Tone Naturally

  1. Use cucumber to get an even skin tone

Cucumber is popular to be used as an eye pack to treat dark circles. It has restorative properties and can treat hyperpigmentation to reduce sun tan and lighten the skin tone. Cucumber has a cooling effect with the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. It also saves your skin from the acne causing bacteria removing the age signs, spots and dullness.


  • Cucumber 1 medium size
  • Lemon juice 1 tea sp.
  • Honey ½ tea sp.


Take a cucumber and honey, blend them well to make a paste.

 Now add in this lemon juice, mix well and apply the face pack on your face.

Leave it for 15 minutes on your face, after that rinse well with water.

Use thrice a week to get even skin tone.

  1. Use baking soda to get an even skin tone

Baking soda is also a cheap and an effective way to get an even skin tone. It works actively to treat the uneven skin tone naturally. It dissolves the dead skin layer from skin surface and also neutralizes PH after exfoliation. Baking soda is simple to use but you need to take a patch test before its use. Some people having sensitive skin may feel irritation. However it is safe and also very effective. As you add aloe Vera in baking soda so it calms and soothes your skin with the best results.


  • Baking soda 2 tea sp.
  • Aloe Vera gel ½ tea sp.
  • Rose water ½ tea sp.


Take a bowl and add in it aloe Vera gel, rose water and baking soda.

Mix all the ingredients well to make a paste. Now apply this pack on the pigmented face area.

Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Now gently massage in circular motion on your skin.

Rinse well the mask with Luke warm water.

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