10 Surprising Things Vitamin D Could Do For You – Vitamin D Benefits

You absorb enough sunlight, you eat healthy choice of foods and take enough nutrients, you sleep well, but still there is something you are not doing or there is something you are still missing and that is Vitamin D. It is one of the most important nutrient that human body needs to work efficiently, to absorb calcium and for stronger bones. Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to severe diseases like rickets, diabetes, depression and even cancer. Relentlessly low levels of Vitamin D can cause soften of bones in adults and rickets in kids. If it left untreated than this might lead to severe conditions like brittle and soft bones, joint and bone pains, weakness and muscle pain.

According to many health experts’ lack of vitamin D in human body can cause surprising health disorders to occur that may include cancer, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.

For all good reasons, Vitamin D is a wonder vitamin at the moment. Getting more vitamin D can protect you from all the health problems stated above from depression to cancer and to early death. There are plenty of reasons for which you should get this sunshine vitamin every day. According to medicine institute, every men and women should get 6000IU of vitamin D every day but every 3rd person is getting only 42% of the nutrient daily, which is an alarming situation. The institute also stated that taking 4000IU of vitamin is also reasonable to be safe from many diseases. But if we take 7000IU daily, we will be able to reap the vitamin D benefits to its fullest.

Let’s have a look at the amazing Vitamin D benefits that might inspire you to get level-headed sun exposure, eat healthier and vitamin D rich food and to consider a supplement that might help as well.

Vitamin D Benefits

1. Vitamin D makes you less likely to fall at home:

One out of 3 adults living in one house will take a fall each year. But enough vitamin D in your body can reduce the symptoms to greatest level. A small study was conducted on the adults between the ages of 65 and 102, who lives in home and who get food from meals on wheel. Half of the people were given a monthly allocation of vitamin D supplements that provides almost 3300IU of vitamin D while other half were given a placebo. After 5 months of study, as compared to the people who were given a placebo, the other half shows the ‘insufficiency’ of the vitamin D in their bodies reduced to ‘optimal’ and they tend to perform daily cores more effectively than the other group.

People who took vitamin D supplements had about half as many falls at home as compared to the other group. This is possibly due to the benefits of vitamin D in their bodies and better muscle performance.

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2. It may ward off vision damage:

95% of the people living in every part of the world face vision slip after the age of 50. It is usually linked to age-related macular degeneration. This vision blur starts from the centre of the eye and blocks our ability to see things clearly. The chances of vision is usually linked to genes, age and race. That means this is pretty much out of control. But if we stay generally healthy by not smoking, exercising regularly and eating healthy food with lots of fruits and vegetables can help you have a crystal clear vision for the rest of your life. Therefore, according to a recent study, the experts suggested that maintaining optimum levels of vitamin in your body can also help you have clear vision even if your genetic cards are slanted against you.

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