12 Health Benefits Of Honey (#7 Is Surprising)

6. Natural energy drink

Honey carries natural sugars like fructose and glucose in unprocessed form. It directly enters in the bloodstream and provides a quick boost of energy. This rise in the blood sugar is a great short term energy source for the long endurance hectic routine.

In one table spoon of honey there are present 17 grams of carbohydrates. With this there is also present large number of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we can’t even create a list. It is very healthy to add honey in your breakfast for the quick energy boost.

7. Support cognitive function

Brain is the control panel of the body for the entire life. Honey helps in the maintenance of the healthy cognitive function.  Antioxidants present in the honey saves brain from the oxidative damage. Oxidation is the natural process and it happens with the age. But we can slow down the process with the regular intake of honey. It also deliberates the onset of dementia with the prevention of cognitive diseases.


8. Treats sinus and cold

Honey as an anti-inflammatory agent is good to treat some of the side effects caused by sinus inflammation. Being an anti-bacterial helps you to get rid of bacteria that cause cold. Having honey when you feel you may suffer from cold helps offsetting illness.

Honey lemon tea is a great home remedy for cold. It can heal and soothes throat and ease stuffy nose. It speeds up the healing process and made you feel better.

9. Slow the onset of carcinoma

It can also fight for cancer by shrinking the size of tumor because it is also anti- metastatic. In honey you can get several phenolic compounds that are responsible to fight for cancer. These phenolic compounds include Gallic acid, chrysene, ellagic acid, ferulic acid, caffeic acid. With all these phenolic compounds honey also acts as an ant oxidative agent generally inhibits oxidative damage. The process of oxidation is one of the major causes of cancer.


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