14 Impressive Health Benefits of Sodium

Sodium is an essential ion and a tremendously important electrolyte exist in ECF i.e. extracellular fluid. Sodium has lots of health benefits and plays a pivotal role in muscle contraction and enzyme operations. It plays an important role in the maintenance of fluid and osmoregulation in the body. Not just this but it also improves nervous system, heart performance and absorption of glucose.

Sodium deficiency can cause number of ailments and some serious body function impairments because it is an important element that aids in healthy blood regulation in the body. Sodium is a versatile element that befalls in 80 different forms. While performing as an electrolyte, it normalizes the fluids in the body and conducts electrical impulses in the body. On other minerals and vitamins heat has a stronger effect but sodium is absolutely heat free and it has no effect on it. However it can be used in many different ways and provisions without losing its effects. Plus it is also an important constituent of nerves and helps in regulation muscle contraction.

Even though, sodium is an essential element in balanced diet but its excess can cause diseases like hypertension i.e. high blood pressure and stomach cancer. People who have diseases like edema and kidney disorders should restrict their sodium intake to lowest level to protect themselves from health risks.

Combining all this, Sodium is an important element for healthy and balanced diet but a balance should be maintained. It aids in regulating better function of nervous system and cellular activities. If you sweat copiously due to heavy workouts or running, or if you have sunstroke, or if you suffers from adrenal insufficiency, sodium supplement becomes necessary. Sodium is evacuated from the urine and poses no risk or inherent toxicity.

Deficiency Symptoms of Sodium:

The recommended daily intake of a sodium for a normal person is 2400mg but if you don’t provide your body with enough sodium than your body might suffer from sodium deficiency that will lead to irritating to fatal diseases. One of the most fatally affected area due to sodium deficiency is nervous system that begin to shut down. While in general, sodium deficiency leads to vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, low blood pressure, weakness, confusion, weight loss, lethargy, muscular irritability, and dizziness. Sodium deficiency is dangerous so as the excess.

Excess of sodium in the blood will lead to high blood pressure, swelling of nerves and neural tissues and cerebral edema and if it is not treated than it can lead to coma.

Dropping sodium from the blood also reduces the accumulated fat from different parts of the body. Besides, excess of sodium in the body can also leads to lung infection and its depletion can invite lots of diseases that might cause exhaustion, mental apathy and exertion.

Important Sources of Sodium:

Sodium is present in lots of food items like common salt, apples, bananas, cabbage, egg yolks, homemade soups, pulses, carrots, baking soda and powder, leafy veggies, turnips and dried peas are good natural sources of sodium. All these items also comes with other health concerns as well so you need to take good care before consuming them all.

Health Benefits of Sodium:

Every natural food contains very little amount of sodium in them. When we add small amount of salt in any dish or beverage, it doesn’t only add flavor to it but it also fulfills the daily requirement of sodium for the body. Some of the essential health benefits of sodium are as follow:

1. Water Balance:

Sodium is one of those essential minerals that’s aids in regulating the fluids in the body. Water and sodium balances in the body, are closely associated. Sodium channels and gateways are what pump water into the body cells and normalizes the amount of extracellular fluid in the body.

2. Healthy Skin Benefits:

Sodium is known for making your skin hydrating, while cleansing and moisturizing. It is an essential ingredient in sensitive skin cosmetic products. Adding sodium in bath products protects the skin smoothness and neutralizes the presence of acid on the skin. Cleansing and lathering properties in sodium makes it an essential ingredient in soaps and toothpastes. Due to its mildness, it is also used in baby care products.

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