15 Fat Burning Recipes To Get In Shape

What is weight gain?
Weight gain can be the result of a serious medical complication and is the increase in the total weight of the body. This can occur by increase in the muscle mass, excess fluids and fat deposition in the body.

Causes of weight gain
A person can gain wit due to a number of reasons such as increase in adipose tissues, becoming inactive, high food consumption and many others. When the body consumes the energy more then it spends then the extra energy can be stored in the form of fats in the body. Besides these factors there are many other factors that contribute towards weight gain such as

Hormone imbalance
One of the causes of weight gain is the hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can result as a side effect of the usage of medicines.

Certain syndromes such as Cushing’s syndrome, Cohen syndrome and many others contribute towards weight gain. These syndromes make the person lethargic and thus he or she cannot perform outdoor activities and thus end in weight gain.

Social factors
Social networking and gathering can play an important role in the weight gain. When the person does not socializes and spend his time by just sitting at one place he may gain weight.

Stress and sleep
If the person does not take proper sleep he or she may gain weight. The two hormones in the body called ghrelin and leptin work antagonistically such that the ghrelin causes increased appetite and less energy expenditure whereas leptin increases the energy expenditure and reduces appetite. Sleep deprivation causes the levels of ghrelin to increase and the levels of leptin to decrease, this can increase the appetite and as more calories consumption then occurs and body gains weight.

Why it is important to control weight?
It is important to control the weight of the body as it can lead to many other diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis in which the joints and muscles of the body are unable to tolerate the weight of the body and deform permanently. The other diseases it can contribute to include cancer, heart attack, diabetes and many others.

15 Fat Burning Recipes

You can also control your weight by consuming such foods that burn the fat in your body naturally and for these kinds of foods different recipes are available that are listed below

1) Spiced green tea smoothie

Green helps you to reduce the body weight by boosting up your metabolism. The compound present in it called the ECGC helps boost up your metabolism. It is advisable to drink four cups of green tea a day and you will observable changes in your body within few weeks. This is a flavored smoothie that is rich in agave nectar, lemon; cayenne spices and provides all the essential nutrients that the body requires.

2) Almond and banana butter toast

This is one of the best known healthy breakfast. High resistant starches are present in the bananas and rye bread that makes your metabolic system work fast and efficiently. Whereas, the almond butter contains the hunger satiating proteins and healthy mono-saturated fats that keep the body healthy. This breakfast will surely keep you full till the lunch time.


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