15 Fat Burning Recipes To Get In Shape

3) Banana with honey grapefruit

You can consume this fat burning recipe anytime you want. All the ingredients present in it are highly nutritious and the grapefruit helps to keep your body slim by working with insulin which is a fat storing hormone. It reduces the efficiency of the insulin so that it cannot store excess fats in the body. It also contains a high water content in it that makes you feel full and satisfies your hunger.

4) BBQ Turkey burgers

An excellent substitute for the beef is the turkey meat that contains an essential lean protein that helps you lose weight. It contains the essential amino acids that boost up your metabolism and build u more healthy cells in the body. Also, this protein can satiate your hunger and keep you full for a long time so that you may not have to consume extra food.


5) Sunflower seeds, banana and breakfast barley

This is a satisfying breakfast meal as banana and barley when mixed together provide metabolism boosting fiber and 8 grams of the resistant starch. Fiber stimulates the bowel movements and thus helps in more food digestion whereas the resistant starches can make your metabolic system work fast. The sprinkling of the sunflower seeds will enhance both the looks and taste of this breakfast dish.

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