15 Fat Burning Recipes To Get In Shape

6) Salmon Noodle bowl

The best part of this meal is that it is prepared in a very limited time and has very high nutritious value. The noodles and vegetables present in this are a rich source of fiber that keeps the bowel movements smooth whereas a lot of healthy fats are present in the avocados and salmon that are essential for the body. The asparagus is also present in the dish that is the main ingredient and has extremely high level of nutrients present in it such as minerals, vitamins and fibers.


7) Creamy avocado cups

These creamy cups are good source for satiating you afternoon hunger. It almost contains 30 calories per cup that is very healthy. In avocado, monounsaturated fats are present that contain oleic acid as an essential nutrient. Oleic acid is responsible for triggering the production of another compound in the intestine called oleoylethanolamide which sends signal to your brain for fullness and satiates your hunger.

8) Italian Garbanzo salad

This salad contains all the healthy vegetables present in that can keep the body weight and overall health of the body normal. Consumption of this salad can occur in the lunch or in the afternoon. The vegetables are steamed in olive oil which is a healthy fat. Feta cheese is also one of the ingredients but it is a low fat cheese. The amazing thing to report about this salad is that one bowl of this salad can provide 159 calories.

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