20 best Foods to Increase your BRAIN POWER

Brain is the most important part of human body. It weighs only 2 % of total body weight but its calorie intake is more than 20%of our total intake. So, it falls in the category of the most energy greedy organ of human body. Brain is the most influential organic machine in our body. It works constantly even when we sleep. It regulates thousands of complex functions like hormone balance, blood flow, breathing, insentient activity and store a large record and statistics in form of images, text and concepts.

Our brain is fussy feeder and it demands a constant supply of glucose to keep it running. Neurons are always in need of sugar as they did not store this basic sugar like other body cells. Human body made this fuel from the carbohydrates we eat. Brain is always in need of sugar but it does not mean we can fill our stomach with the junk food, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Instead of it safer option are better and required for proper functioning.

We all are facing the risk of brain erosion. At the age of 85 the danger of Alzheimer is fifty times higher. In order to nurture a healthy brain, there is no magic in the pharmaceutical arena which can reverse the situation when brain begins to fall.

But what we eat can affect our body, mood and brain energy. With which we can overcome different problems, handle stress and perform different task. That’s why are food choices are the most influential variable that can control vivacity, functionality and fitness of our exquisite brain.

20 Foods to Increase your BRAIN POWER

These food works in a great manner to improve brain power and its vitality

1. Wild Salmon

Fish, especially wild salmon is very good in providing omega 3 oil DHA to human body. DHA is essential to maintain brain cells health and helps to trigger the growth of brain cells in the brains memory center.

2. Blue berries

Blueberries are anti-inflammatory and provide basis for the effectively working against all brain disorders. They are full of antioxidants which protects human brain.


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