20 Healthy Foods to Build Your Muscles and Gain Weight

Weight loss problem is very common in the society and being countered a lot on different medium. But we don’t want to talk about weight gain because most of the people love to be skinny and underweight. It is very important for everyone to count their body mass index (BMI). If it shows that you are underweight then you should gain some weight as it is important for proper body functioning. If you are skinny and underweight then you might be at the risk of bone density loss, organ damage and loss of menstruation. Women always love to look skinny and sexy but they don’t know that internally it affects their body. Being underweight disturbs the reproductive system and issues in menstrual cycle.

If we talk about males then they hate to look skinny. It is very embarrassing for them to have lean body which may resemble the feminism. They always desire a manly muscular body. Sometimes to gain some weight people start eating junk food and opt for the unhealthy eating. But the problem in this way they may gain weight but they will not build muscles in their body but they deposit fat. Building muscles in a good way with the clean eating is great for your body and health.

20 Healthy Food to Build Muscles and Gain Weight

We made the list of 20 healthy foods which will help you in building muscles and gain weight in a good healthy way.

  1. Whole fat milk

Milk is very important for all of us. It contain sufficient amount of vitamin A and vitamin D in it. Most of the time, we opt for the skimmed milk. It is low in calorie count and fat content. Though, skimmed milk is also healthy and very good for you. A glass of whole fat milk has approximately 60 more calories in it as compared to the skimmed milk. When you are trying to gain some more muscle mass in the body then it is highly recommended to replace skimmed milk with the full fat milk. It has natural fats and actually good for you.

  1. Avocado

Avocado is a super food as its health benefits are enormous. It is very good for you to have avocado in your diet. Avocado has carbs with the folic acid, potassium, vitamin E and vitamin B. you can get 280 calories from one avocado. It is very popular amongst American due to its high nutritious value. You can use it in a lot more tasty ways and gain muscles.


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