20 Healthy Snacks for Runners

We all need midmorning, mid-afternoon, midnight, mid-run or every time snacks throughout the day but do we really know that what kind of snacks are good for us, especially if we are regular runners or racing star?

For a runner’s appetite, 3 meals a day are not enough so they might need healthy snacks throughout the day. The good news about having mid-day snacks will not only protec20 Healthy Snacks for Runnerst your stomach from growling but it will also help you shed some extra pounds. From bananas to edamame, soy beans to energy bars, and oatmeal to cottage cheese, we have 20 healthy snack options that can be eaten to satisfy your sweet tooth, fight hunger pangs and quick energy.

Let’s have a look at the delicious and healthy snack options.

20 Healthy Snacks for Runners


1. Chocolate Milk:

Ever wonder why runners love chocolate milks? This is because this is cold and keeps you well hydrated. It is also rich in lots of proteins, B vitamins and healthy carbs. It also contains calcium that helps in stronger bones. After a hot summer run, some dark chocolate shake is great to hydrate you well with perfect taste.

2. Carrots:

Carrots are filling but very low in calories, so they are perfect for the people struggling for weight loss. It contains vitamin A and carotene that promotes strong immune system and eye health. Carrots are great when you need any time snack for munching but you aren’t actually hungry. You can also have carrots before regular meals that will help you eat less food.

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