4 Mental Health Issues that Affect Women More Than Men

Our physiological, emotional and social well beings are the part of our mental health. The way we act, deal with stress, feel and think all come under our mental health. It is of great importance throughout our lives that is from childhood to adolescence. Mental health can be disturbed due to many reasons which in return affect our whole lifestyle and way of perceiving things.

Biological factors (genes and brain chemistry), Physical abuse and trauma and family history are the important contributor of change in mental health.

Top 4 Women Mental Health Issues

Mental illness in women is quite common. Therefore, it is important to know the major causes of it.

Mental Health Issues
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Credit: med.monash.edu.au

1) Depression

Depression is common among women and it has been estimated that 10-15% women experience depression during their life. It can adversely affect the hormonal balance in body. Physical and environmental factors contribute in depression. Social barriers, guilt, anxiousness and hopelessness all responsible to depression. Living away from home/ family can increase the incidence of depression. Also, hectic work routine and not getting enough time to enjoy things around you can cause depression.

2) Anxiety

Women are more prone to experience anxiety during their life. Many factors play a major contribution in anxiety such as stress, cultural norms and how to handle the situations. As women cannot handle the adverse situations as skillfully as men so they suffer from more anxiety and panic attacks.

It is also believed that hormonal imbalance can trigger anxiety in women such as the effect of gonad hormones. Other hormones are also responsible that cause anxiety attacks.

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