9 Ways to Measure Health besides Weight

We all are very conscious about the weight mentioned on the scale. Whenever we stand up on the weight measuring machine a rise in weight make us worried. Your body weight is often linked with your health and how healthy lifestyle adopts in your life. But the fact is weight is not the true indicator of health. You cannot link your health with your body weight. Our body carries fat and muscles at the same time in our body.

Body muscles are dense and they weight more as compared to the fat deposit in the body. In case of building muscles you may experience an increase in your body weight but it is truly healthy for you. Here we have some other ways to measure your health besides weight. These are given as under.

9 ways to measure health besides weight

As we already discuss that body weight is not the right way to measure your body health. Here we mention some very important ways to measure health other than weight.

1. Waist Size

Rather than weight it is much more recommended to have a look at your waist size. An increase in your waist size is the true health indicator. If your waist size has increased then it is an indicator of increased visceral fat. Visceral fat or belly fat is the fat that surrounds the internal body organs. It is more accurate measure about accessing risk of serious diseases like stroke, cardiovascular health and sleep apnea.

If you gain some body muscles and experience an increase in weight but a decrease in waist size then you don’t need to worry about your health.

2. Blood pressure

For a good health it is very important to maintain a healthy blood pressure level of your body. A very high blood pressure may cause damage to some very important blood vessels in the body. If you fail to control the healthy blood pressure level of your body then hypertension may cause some serious complications.

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart stroke as it causes higher resistance in the arteries. A regular checkup of your blood pressure is much more important than you think. For your overall body health maintain the normal blood pressure range in your body.

3. Cholesterol level

It is not enough to be aware of your waist size for good health. You are an immense need to check your blood cholesterol level in the body. You need to know about the bad and good cholesterol level. After the age of 20 you need to check your cholesterol at least every five years. With the older age you need to check it more often and frequently.

cholesterol levels
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