Get Rid of Acne | Remedies & Treatment

Acne is the nightmare of various adolescents and young adults. If you are in your teens or twenties, chances are you constantly worry about acne and are willing to spend heaps of money for that clear skin you dream of often. We have good news for you. Just a little adjustment in your eating habits can make you get rid of acne and those scars as well, that have tarnished your beauty. Carefully and timely acne remedies treatments can be very effective in curing.

Get Rid of Acne | Acne Remedies Treatments

Acne Remedies Treatments
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Food you should have

The following foods lead to the growth of good bacteria, and heal and prevent acne

Vitamin A: Food rich in Vitamin A are really conducive to fighting acne, as research has proven. Carrots, spinach and beef liver are high in vitamin A and therefore should be in your diet regularly.

Food rich in zinc: Those foods that have high zinc content are also good for your gut and heal acne, by promoting your immunity. These foods include, flaxseeds, chia Sprouted pumpkin seeds, and hemp seeds

Fibers: Scientific research has often sung praises of fibers, and all for the good reason. They cleanse your colon, and eliminate toxins. They improve your gut and hence fight acne. So you should be friends with seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Clean-lean protein: You love organic chicken and eggs? Good for you, since these foods have been found to fight and prevent acne.

Foods rich in probiotics: These include yogurt and cultured vegetables help you get rid of bad bacteria, and hence fight acne. Take them.

Food you should not have

Again, there are certain foods that you need to avoid if you dream of having an acne-skin free. These are generally tasty but won’t do your skin any good. Just avoid excessive sugar, carbohydrates, chocolate, wheat, and gluten, and fried food, dairy and hydrogenated oils. Avoid these and start noticing the difference.

Acne Remedies

Again there are various acne remedies that you need to adopt to get rid of acne. The best thing is they are natural. You need to have #1 Probiotics (10,000IU to 50,000IU daily), Omega-3 Fatty Acids (1000 mg fish oil / cod liver oil daily), Zinc (25mg – 30mg twice daily), Vitex (160 mg of vitex/chasteberry), and Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia).

Other treatments that you can stir at home

  • Mixing 5 table spoons of tea tree oil and one table spoon of natural honey, you can make an anti-acne face wash
  • Applying honey to your face can cure acne as it is an anti-septic
  • Make a paste of 3 drops lavender essential oil, 2 table spoons raw honey, 3 drops tea tree oil and 3 drops frankincense oil. This will cure your acne scars

So worrying about dermatologist fee? Maybe you can find all the remedies in your own kitchen. Give it a try.

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