Best and Worst Foods for Wrinkles – Anti-Aging Diet

Wrinkles are the folds, ridges and creases on the skin that usually appear with aging but they can also appear if you spend more and more time in water. They first time wrinkles appear on a person’s face is due to the facial expressions and some other factors are excess smoking, dehydration, sun damage, excess use of some particular medications and sometimes they also occurs due to environmental changes and genetics. Wrinkles mostly appear on the pats of the body which are more exposed to direct sunlight like face and neck, hands and arms and feet. 90% of the people absolutely doesn’t want wrinkles and they spend billions of cash in surgeries and treatments to prevent, remove or to delay them but no surgery is worth enough to be healthy because they contains plenty of health hazards. You need anti-aging foods to control the tone of your skin.

Before you start any treatment, either surgical or natural, make sure you are well aware about your problem. This article contains detailed information about wrinkles, their causes and how you can prevent them with using any medication.

Aging and Wrinkles:

As we age, the inner layer of our skin becomes thin and the cells begin to divide slowly, this causes skin stretchiness and wrinkles. The akin also starts to lose its moisture and find it hard to holds the natural moisture of the skin, produce less oil, heals slowly and causes dehydration. All these collectively produce wrinkles on the skin.

Facial Muscle Contractions:

There are the lines between the eyebrows and the corner of the eyes, these lines are caused by the facial muscle contraction. Frowning, smiling, squinting and other facial expressions are known to make these lines appear more prominent.

Sun Damage and Wrinkles:

People who spend more time in sun are more likely to have sun burn or sun damage, which is a main cause of wrinkles. 10am to 2pm are the timings when sun produce extremely harsh UV rays that skin to burn and wrinkles to appear. This can be avoided of you avoid too much sun exposure, wear a high SPF sunscreen even in winters, wear a large hat that protects your face from direct sunlight, cover your exposed hands from gloves or wear long sleeved outfits and stay hydrated.

Smoking and Wrinkles:

Excess smoking slows down the production of collagen in your body, which is an important part that keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Less production of collagen causes wrinkles and premature aging. Smoking along with other health hazards is also a main cause of wrinkles as well. So this is another reason of stop smoking or to never start.

Anti-Aging Diet

Foods that Fight Wrinkles:

Tired of trying so many creams and medications to prevent wrinkles? 90% of these creams either don’t work or they cause other skin problems like blemishes or darker complexion. The best and natural way to fight wrinkles is to eat healthy. Healthy diet doesn’t only makes your skin smooth, young and healthy but it also provides your body with multiple health benefits.

Healthy diet and good nutrition is essential for entire body health including your skin so it is better to feed your skin instead of starving it. Following are foods that can help you fight with wrinkles with all natural process, without causing any other discomfort.

Load up on lean protein:

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