Bridal Mehndi Designs 2015

If you are looking for a perfect bridal mehndi design for your wedding, then yes you are on a right page. An Asian bride is incomplete without mehndi. There is no concept of bride having bare hand and foot. So, girls are taking it seriously now and try to select a perfect and experienced henna artist for their wedding. But it’s not just done. You also need to select a perfect design for you having its elegance and uniqueness at the same time. Bridal Mehndi Designs 2015 will add elegance to your life. These Mehndi Designs are handy and cute when wear on any wedding function.

Bridal Mehndi Designs 2015
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First of all, you have to know what exactly your requirement is. Whether you want better color, beautiful motif with a very fine outline or need some glitter and glamour. There are numerous types of mehndi or Henna Designs such as

  • Arabic Mehndi
  • Indian Mehndi
  • Black Mehndi
  • Pakistani / Karachi Mehndi
  • Injection Mehndi
  • Instant Sticker Mehndi.

You have to select from them according to your own requirement.

Arabic Mehndi Design is a design which is my favourite and perfect for brides. Because I think this design fulfills all yours requirements. It looks really beautiful because of its thick outline. It also leaves nice colour on your hands and foot. But because of its thick outline it takes time to dry on your hands.

If you doesn’t want to wait for long time then you can switch to Indian Mehndi Designs. It’s also very beautiful and charismatic at the same time but its outline is not much thicker and also not fine so it takes less time to dry as compared to Arabic Mehndi.

Bridal Mehndi Designs 2015

Black Mehndi is based on black colour mehndi outline with filling of light colour mehndi. It just takes one hour but because of its black colour it is not preferred by all brides.

Pakistani Mehndi is popular because of their mehndi artist. These artists were firstly based in Karachi that’s why also known as Karachi mehndi. But now these experts are available nationwide. It’s popular because of its fusion of traditional and modern design.

Injection mehndi is also a type of Pakistani mehndi. This mehndi is filled in injection and a beautiful design is made through it. It gives perfect colour in just one hour even though the outline is very fine. This one is popular in Punjab.

If you are living in abroad having no henna artist then don’t lose heart. You still be a perfect complete bride with mehndi on your hand. Instant sticker mehndi is just perfect for you. Just apply it few minutes before and you are ready.

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