Is Caster Oil Helpful for Scalp Health?

9 out of 10 girls are suffering from different hair problems and these are causing them stress and depression. Are you one of those girls, who suffers from severe hair fall? Dandruff problems or embarrassed to try out new hairstyles because your scalp is flaky? Well these are the most common problems faced by almost every girls and if these are left untreated they might cause severe complications. Isn’t it better to treat them right now instead of waiting for longer?

So what if I tell you that there is one product that can solve all your problems in one run with very less money involvement? Well yes, I am talking about castor oil. Castor oil has these amazing properties that treat most of the hair and scalp problems.

Let’s talk about castor oil first:

Castor Oil Definition

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that comes from castor seeds. Benefits of castor oil were discovered centuries ago by Egyptians, who used to use castor oil for different purposes including hair health because it can do wonders on your hair and scalp.

How Is Castor Oil Beneficial For Hair Health and Scalp?

Castor oil is rich in penetrating properties and reaches easily to the scalp cuticles and replenishes it with lots of nutrients and minerals. The oil is rich in omega-9 fatty acids that moisturizes the scalp and hair by hydrating the skin. Castor oil clears the scalp from dandruff and leaves the scalp clean, clear and healthy.

Following are the benefits you can avail from using castor oil:

  1. Destroys Dandruff:

Dry scalp causes dandruff and dandruff generates many other problems. Apply little amount of castor oil in your scalp will hydrate your scalp and prevent dryness and flakiness. While your scalp is hydrated, you will ultimately have zero dandruff.

  1. Prevents Hair Loss:

Castor oil stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp that will lead to better nourishment of scalp and hair. When you massage your hair with warm castor oil, it will increase the blood circulation and your hair fall will reduce like magic. It will add lustre to your hair and you will be soon saying good bye to dull, damage and unruly hair. Regular use of castor oil can also boost hair growth to great extent.

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