Eat What You Want Diet – Top 10 Secrets

Imagine you are on diet but still you can eat whatever you want? Sounds great, right? You eat when you are hungry and you stop when you are full. This phenomena is called intuitive eating. Intuitive eating means helping people to develop a strong and healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

People learn about intuitive eating after years of dieting and then they finally managed to establish healthy food relationship, where they eat whatever they want and still maintains healthy weight. To learn more about intuitive eating, an interview of an intuitive eating expert is recorded. He is an author of Intuitive eating and one of the thought leaders on the subject for the May/June issue of Eating Well magazine, Mr Evelyn Tribole M.S, R.D.

He states that as an associate nutrition editor and certified dietitian of eating well, Intuitive eating makes absolute sense to me as it is an innately healthy way of eating. Instead of focusing on what you should be eating and what you should avoid, intuitive eating help you to become and expert for yourself about what you should eat, how you should eat and when you should eat. This will change your struggle to eat into an enjoyable way to nurture your body. While I was interviewing Tribole, he stated his 10 basic principles of intuitive eating, which aren’t just helpful but they are also enjoyable in many ways for everyone who wants to eat whatever they want while being healthy and fit at the same time.


Eat What You Want Diet – Top 10 Secrets

10 Diet Secrets
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Image Source: lindsellingson / INSTAGRAM

1. Reject the Diet Mentality:

Stop thinking that dieting will help you maintain your weight and will work for you. Diets always comes with lots of rules and they change your mind that says you should follow these rules about what, when and how you should eat. Intuitive eating says that no one can tell you what, when and how to eat but yourself. You are the expert for your body. Just get rid of the idea that there is a perfect diet that will help you keep your body nourished and healthy. Diets will tell you that what foods are off limits for you but in intuitive eating no food is off limits.

2. Honor Your Hunger

Hunger is your body’s technique of telling that you are hungry. In intuitive eating, sustain your body by adjusting your hunger cues and eating before you get insatiable. If you eat when you get ravenous, you will end up overeating. It is easy for the people to judge their extreme hunger while it is hard to identify when their hunger is gentle. Focus on your body to measure when you are hungry, especially after and before hour of eating. This will help you identify your hunger levels and will prevent overeating.


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