Eating Disorder Facts and Causes

Mental disorders associated with abnormal eating habits are usually known as eating disorders. It is the most complex kind of disorder found in people, in which either people eat too much or too less or in an inappropriate manner. Eating non-food items is the most serious and dangerous kind of disorder that can even lead to expiry of an individual. People with eating disorder usually eat clay, hair strands, threads, glass pieces and even needles.

Eating Disorder
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Eating Disorder Facts

Disorder associated with eating too much is called BINGE EATING DISORDER, in which people eat large amount of food and find it difficult or impossible to stop their hand from eating. One episode of binge disorder lasts usually for 2 hours and in rare cases for whole day. People suffering from Binge find it difficult even to register what they are eating and they eat even if they are not hungry or after getting full. This can lead to many serious diseases like high blood pressure, highly disturbed cholesterol level, joint pains, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even cancer.

  • Binge disorder can cause due to brain cell damage, which means may be the cell which sends messages about being hungry or full is not working properly.
  • People suffers from sexual abuse in their childhood may also have chance to suffer from binge disorder.
  • Depression, low self-esteem, loneliness and dissatisfaction towards body goals is strongly linked to binge.

Anorexia Nervosa, is a type of disorder in which people eat too less or almost nothing, which leads to poor health both physically and mentally, deficiency of essential nutrients, which can lead to death ultimately.

  • This can cause by extreme dieting changes by the people who are never satisfied with their body and wants to look thinner and slimmer.
  • Depression off course.
  • Certain emotional changes which are unknown yet.

Pica eating disorder is the most dangerous form of mental illness in which people eat non-food items such as leads, threads, hair strands, paint, paper or chalk. Pica is mostly found in kids, caused by deficiency of calcium. It is also found in pregnant women due to anaemia that is iron deficiency. Eating non-nutritive items may cause serious illness or even death.

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