Fashion Tips to Look Slimmer

Each one amongst us wants to be fit and picture perfect in our outfit. To be in shape we put our efforts in different manners. We do exercises, control our appetite, skip sodas, avoid fried food, confectionery items and many other such things. At this stage everyone is very well aware of good eating habits and a healthy life style. At the same time we also know that it is basically our metabolic system which determines our body structure. A good metabolic rate deposits less fat in your body whereas slow metabolic rate deposits more fats in body which you consumed. So, people with slow metabolic rate need to put more efforts to get a perfect body shape. When they saw their friends enjoying pizzas, pastries and having fun than they still in better shape without extra work. They get frustrated, depressed and upset. This anxiety and depression tend to gain more weight. What you have to do is just follow a healthy lifestyle and follow our fashion tips to look slimmer. I hope they will help you a lot to look fashionably fabulous.

Fashion tips to look slimmer
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To be happy and more confident is based on how you are looking not on your weight. You want to lose weight because you want to look nice in your dress. Then why not wear those dresses which look nice on you. Here we have some helpful fashion tips for you to look slimmer that will categorically guide you to great extent.

Tips to Look Slimmer in cloths

Determine your body shape

First of all you have to define your body shape. We all have same physical body characteristics but still different from each other. This difference is due to variance in our body shape. Two popular body shapes are pear shaped bodies and apple shape. Pear shaped bodies have heavy lower body with bigger booty and broad legs and calves. While apple shaped body has a bloated midsection with big stomach and bigger boobs. In pear shaped body structure you have to eliminate imperfections in your lower body and in apple shaped body structure you have to focus on you midsection flaws.

Dress up according to your body shape

If you have heavy bottoms try to cover it with body lengthening dresses. It looks smart and elegant but at the same time it gives you a slimmer look. In case of big stomach, try to wear dresses which are not fitted from the waist.

Wear corset and fitted undergarments

Wearing body shapers and waist trainer gives you an instant slimmer body at the same time it also strengthen you waist and improves your posture. Its frequent use helps you to lose some inches from your waist. Buy a good quality undergarment with nice fitting to get a nice fitted body shape.

Wear fitted clothes

To look fit wear fitted clothes. Skinny jeans and cigarette pants are best options for everyone. It almost goes with all body shapes. It gives your body a better alignment and nice sexy shape.

Choose dark colours

Always choose the outfit which is dark in colour. It covers your body under its shade. Avoid light colours because they reflect light from your body, showing you heavy and broader. You can experience it, when you wear white jeans you feel that your legs are looking broader. Whereas in black jeans your legs look slimmer and skinnier.

Wear heels

Wear heels high or medium in length according to your comfort level. But try to avoid wearing flat slippers. High heels lengthen your body and balance your body weight.

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