Water Recipe That Flushes Fat From Your Body

What water does to your body? Why should we drink water? The answer is simple. Water relieves fatigue, improves mood, helps in digestion and constipation, aids in weight loss and flushes out toxins. Fat flush water is now famous among people concerning fat loss. Water ingredient has the power to flush the waste material from your body organs. It takes the waste to the bladder and is eliminated through the urine. So, intake recommended (at least 2 liters) amount of water every day. In helping this cause, we have water recipe that flushes fat from your body organs.

Flushes Fat From Your Body
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Fat Flush Water Recipe That Flushes Fat From Your Body


  • Purified water – 2 litres
  • 1 tangerine – sectioned
  • ½ grapefruit – sliced
  • 1 cucumber – sliced
  • 4 pcs peppermint leaves or Spearmint leaves
  • Ice – optional


  • First of all, wash all the products prior to putting them in the water.
  • Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher.
  • Leave it overnight and drink the flush fat water the follower day for best results.
  • The tangerine is rich in Vitamin C, so it helps in stimulating fat burn. Additionally, it also aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels and increases insulin sensitivity
  • Grapefruit aids in fat burn because it increased body energy and also the metabolic energy.
  • Cucumbers are healthy addition to fat flush water having the ability to keep you full for a longer time. These are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and help you in weight loss.
  • Mint leaves soothes stomach and helps in digestion. It adds flavor to the recipe.

This water recipe (that flushes fat from your body) is tasty addition with added nutrients to add in your daily diet. Proper nutrition is very important besides exercise to burn fat. So this fat flush water recipe will definitely help your cause for weight loss. Try this recipe and do tell us the feedback in comment section.

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