Great Uses, 15 Recipes & Benefits of Protein Powder

No matter what is your choice in diet, getting lots and lots of proteins is as essential to stay healthy and lean. Eating enough proteins can help you burn more calories, prevents overeating and weight gain and it also aids in building muscles and burning excess fat in the body.

Like all other health friendly nutrients, you should focus on getting proteins from whole natural foods like Greek yogurt, lean meat, dairy products and vegan sources. But if you are dealing with busiest life and have no time to eat at home or find it hard to get homemade meal or snack than protein powder is the best and most convenient way to fill your body with proteins.

You can add a spoon full of protein powder in milk to make a meal replacement drink, like we all do, but because of its powder like consistency you can get creative in your kitchen and can make fun desserts that won’t add pounds to your weight. In fact effective weight loss surely on the cards.

Next time you want something sweet but also need proteins than try these 15 amazing protein powder recipes:

Benefits and 15 Protein Powder Recipes

1. Muffins:

Muffins are always yummiest and we all love them for their taste and gorgeous look. What if I tell you that they could be gorgeously healthy too? You can prepare high protein muffins in your kitchen that contains more than 10g of proteins. Flavor depends on your choice, it could be blueberry, or chocolate chip or strawberry or any of your choice. Just beat an egg, tea spoon of sugar and very little of oil combined with protein powder and here you go. Sweet, delicious and moist muffins are ready to be your post-workout snack.

2. Quick Protein Bars:

Get yourself a protein bar from a store and turn over the packet to ingredients being used to prepare the bar, and you will find out lots of fake and artificial ingredients along with processed fillers. Have you ever think about what benefit you are going to get through these fake ingredient protein bar? Absolutely nothing. Treat yourself in a better healthy way by throwing this super simple recipe. Combine some dates, nuts, and chocolate flavor protein powder and throw this super protein loaded bar in your gym bag and have it as your post-workout snack.

3. Cinnamon Protein Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is a smart and delicious breakfast option, thanks to lots of fibre present in it, but it doesn’t contain lots of proteins, so you have to balance out the meal by adding protein powder in it. Make a bowl of oatmeal and add cinnamon and a spoon full of protein powder of your favorite flavor to have delicious meal in the morning. By adding cinnamon it will become naturally but lightly sweet. Pretty simple to make, and delicious to eat with lots of health benefits.

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