Health Benefits of Zinc and Daily Zinc Requirement for Human Body

Human body is a complex system to understand. To get a better health for the human body we all must know about the entire essential nutrient required to work properly. When we talk about food nutrients mostly the important one are considered to be the carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. Minerals are usually required as a trace element and that is why they are ignorant.

Zinc is an important mineral and is involved in more than 100 enzymatic reactions in human body. This mineral is in the same way important to perform many significant body functions. Its deficiency in the human body can affect your body in the worsen way. Especially if you are vegetarian then the chances to be deficient in zinc are higher as compared to the people who add non vegetarian food sources in their diet.

Secondly people with the chronic digestive disease and the leaky gut syndrome are at the higher risk of zinc deficiency. More than that, the females who are taking birth control pills can also face the problem of zinc deficiency. In these females pills are hormone replacement therapies drugs which can interfere with the role of zinc in the body related to hormones.

Health Benefits of Zinc

  • Zinc is great to improve the body immunity. It helps in speeding the healing process. Zinc is a natural remedy to fight for cold and symptoms of illness. It actually interferes with the process in which bacteria and mucus form within the nasal passage. If you take zinc for at least five months then it will reduce the chances of becoming sick.


  • It is also an active anti-inflammatory and anti- oxidant. It decreases the oxidative stress which in turn reduces the risk of disease development and naturally treats cancer. At older ages it supports good cell division and inhibits tumor growth.


  • Zinc plays a vital role in the production of hormones in the human body. All the important hormones involved in the reproduction such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are directly linked with the zinc. So, it plays a vital role in the fertility or in other words increases fertility.


  • It is very good to fight for diabetes and maintaining the blood sugar level in the body. Insulin is the hormone which helps in the maintenance of blood sugar level. And we already mention that the zinc plays vital role in the regulation of hormone production in human body.

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