Healthy Food Pyramid for Kids

A healthy and well balanced diet is crucially important for the growing bodies of your children. Basic 5 food groups are made to fulfill the daily food requirements of kids. These groups provide nourishment and each group is best for providing specific nutrient. Basic five food groups are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and protein (meat/beans/fish).

Healthy Food Pyramid for Kids

  • Whole grains are good in providing fiber and energy to your kids.
  • Vegetables are crucial to get vital vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Fruits are necessary for intake of natural sugars, glucose, vitamins and fiber.
  • Dairy/ milk products are essential for calcium, vitamins and proteins.
  • Meat, beans and fish are important for the protein intake.

The amount of food required varies with the age group and also with the gender with the passage of time. If you are also a mother and worried about your child nutrition, including which vitamins and minerals are required for your child in their daily diet. Then don’t freak out madam, we have a perfect solution for all the mothers. We made it easier for you with the help of a diet chart. This chart is must to be present on your fridge or kitchen counter. Just paste it and prepare a proper diet plan for your kids with the help of this.

Daily food requirement for your kid is not as much as you think. As a general rule your kid need a nutritionally balanced diet with the 3 meals and two snacks a day. Each meal should include at least 3 food groups and your snack should have at least two of them. The given chart is good to keep your child safe from under nourishment. Make sure to supply the given food requirement per day to your kids. If they want more than that then doesn’t worry. At early ages they are active so they will consume the extra one but avoid having junk and processed food as the nutritional content is not satisfactory in it.

Recommended daily serving for children

Age groups

Food groups

Grains (Oz) Vegetables (cup) Fruits (cup) Milk/dairy (cup)

Meat/beans (Oz)

2-3 years 3 oz 1 cup 1 cup 2 cups 2 oz
4-8 years 5 oz 1 ½ cups  1 ½ cups 2 ½ cups 4 oz
9-13 years 5 oz (girls)

6 oz (for boys )

2 cups (for girls)

2 ½ cups (for boys)

1 ½ cups 3 cups 5 oz
Food choices 1 slice of bread.

1 cup of instant cereal.

½ cup of cooked rice, pasta, cereal = 1ounce

1 cup of raw or cooked vegetables or vegetables juice.

2 cups of raw leafy greens = 1 cup

1 cup of fruit or 100 % fruit juice.

Half cup of dried fruit = 1 cup

1 cup of milk yogurt.

1 ½ ounces of natural cheese.

2 ounces of processed cheese = 1 cup

1 egg.

¼ cup cooked dry beans.

1 ounce of meat, fish or poultry.

1 tablespoon Of peanut butter or ½ ounce of nuts or seeds = 1 ounce


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