Healthy People Have A Thigh Gap – Filling In The Facts About Thigh Gap

Thigh gap is actually the space formed between the thighs of the people when they stand up straight with their both feet joined together. This is thought to be a beauty trend among the people and has witnessed a lot of controversies. Most of the teenage girls get inspired by social media feed. However, many advertisements also promote this increasing trend. But researchers and critics believe that it can lead to serious complications such as eating disorders and not accepting the shape of your own body.

One of the social media naming Instagram is promoting the trend to not to rush towards cutting calories in order to maintain thigh gaps. On this media when you search for #thighgaps a lot of warnings will be displayed on your screens that strictly condemn the idea of getting thigh gaps. The images and graphs will pop up that how getting thigh gaps can lead towards eating disorders.

Before people rush towards maintain thigh gaps and excessively exercising at the gym, there are some facts about the thigh gaps that people must be aware of. Below is the list of such facts.

1) Thigh gaps and genetics

It has been reported by the researchers that the thigh gap depends on the shape of the body and the structure of the bones.

Width of hips and angle of pelvic bones

The thigh gaps are largely dependent on the width of the pelvic bone and the angle at which the thigh bones and pelvis attach to each other. The wider the pelvic bone, the larger will be the thigh gap.

Thigh gaps and muscles

Thigh gaps depend upon the Sartorius and Gracilis muscles that are present in the middle of the thighs. It help us to walk and moving our legs in any direction.

2) Thigh gaps do not depend on body fat

There is no link between the body fat and the thigh gaps. It comes out to be natural and depends on the bone structure and the muscles present within the thighs. If somebody thinks that exercising can create thigh gaps than he or she may not be right. The teenage girls try hard to lessen their body fat to achieve the thigh gaps goals. But this can only affect the body adversely.

3) Thigh gaps are rare

The thigh gap is an uncommon trait that is found in females bodies only. This physical trait occurs in very less population of women that are healthy and well nourished. It comes out to be natural that means that if one has a thigh gap they are lucky enough but if anybody does not have a thigh gap naturally he or she may not get it throughout the life.

4) Trying to achieve a thigh gap may be risky

It is disbelieved that exercising and losing body fat can lead to a beautiful thigh gap. This is not the case. Many girls starve and develop eating disorders in order to lose body weight and develop thigh gaps but this can only result in the loss of essential muscle mass and contribute towards other diseases as the thigh gaps are something that comes out to be natural.


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