15 Heart Healthy Foods Diet And Serious Factors For Heart Health

Heart is the primary organ of the body that acts a pivot point for the functioning of the body. If your heart is working then you are alive. The main function of heart is to first oxygenate the blood by sending it to the lungs and then send this oxygenated blood to the other organs of the body to make sure that they work properly. Blood sugar levels, cholesterol level, weight of the body, blood pressure, exercise and the foods you consume all effect the health and activity of your heart  so it is important to chose a healthy lifestyle for the proper functioning of heart.

Factors that affect the heart health

High blood pressure
Normal level of blood pressure are important for the healthy activity of the heart. The regulation in the blood pressure can affect the normal activity of heart. High blood pressure can increase the body mass and thus result in high weight conditions. When the body contains a large amount of fats, the heart needs to work more vigorously and pump the blood to all the body parts.

This places an extra pressure on the walls and muscles of heart and thus the risk of damage of arteries and vessels doubles. To overcome this it is important to have low body weight.

Poor exercise
Exercise helps to burn away the excess fat in your body and thus keeps your heart rate normal. If no or poor exercise is performed this builds up the extra fat in the body and around the blood vessels that then affect the functioning of heart.

High cholesterol levels
High levels of cholesterol also affect the functioning of heart and heart muscles. There are two types of cholesterol present in the body known as High density lipoproteins and Low density lipoproteins. The High density lipoproteins or HDL are important for the body and thus are essential for the body. Whereas, the LDL or low density lipoproteins enter in the body when foods with high amount of saturated fat are consumed. It accumulates in the body and forms a hard plague. This plague blocks the arteries and the blood cannot flow through them easily thus increasing the risk of heart stroke.

Poor circulation of blood

Proper circulation of the blood is important to keep the blood flowing through the body. It transports the essential nutrients and the oxygen to the tissues. If the tissues do not get proper amount of oxygen, they will eventually die and can also lead to the overall death of the body. Hypertension, high cholesterol levels and other heart disease can all lead to the poor circulation of blood through the body.

15 Heart healthy foods

To maintain the proper health of the heart muscles it is important to consume such diet that contains the essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen the heart muscles and also maintain a steady flow of blood through the body. Some of the heart healthy foods are known such as;

1) Berries

Berries promote the heart health by lowering the levels of blood pressure and also promoting the levels of good fats in the body. Polyphenols are present in it that contains nitric oxide that promotes the health of the heart and keeps the muscles strong. They also relax the blood vessels to promote smooth flow of blood through the body.


2) Raisins

Raisins are an important food that have anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds present in it. These keep away the harmful bacteria and also prevent the inflammation of the nerves and muscles. Reports suggest that the people who suffer from gum disease also have certain heart diseases. Raisins are important in reducing the inflammation of the gums and heart muscles and thus keeping the body healthy.

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