How to Do an Elimination Diet and Why?

Food sensitivities and intolerance is a major topic these days and getting immensely common with every passing day. According to the studies, it is said that 2 to 20% of the people worldwide are suffering from food intolerance. To identify those sensitiveness, allergies and intolerance’s elimination diet acts as gold. While on elimination diet, certain foods are removed from the diet that may cause irritable symptoms and reintroduce them after some time to test the diet symptoms.

Nutritionists and professional dietitians are working on elimination diet for number of years to help people figuring out the foods which aren’t tolerated by human body.

What exactly is an Elimination Diet?

Elimination diet is a kind of diet that involves removing specific food from your diet that you think is intolerable by your body. These foods are reintroduced later after some time, meanwhile the person following elimination diet will look for the symptoms that may show reaction to specific foods.

This elimination diet takes 5-6 weeks and it is often used to help people with sensitive gut, food allergy and food intolerance. This diet may eliminate the symptoms like diarrhoea, bloating, constipation, gas and nausea. Once you identify the list of foods that may cause intolerance, you can eliminate them from your diet to prevent further discomfort and lead to healthy life.

Elimination diet is not of one type but there are several types of diets that may fall in elimination sectors but all of them are linked with involving and removing certain foods from your diet.

So that, whenever we feel that you are allergic to some food or if there is something that is causing trouble, you must follow an elimination diet with medical advice. If you reintroduce the allergen foods to your diet. This may lead to a serious health condition called Anaphylaxis. Food allergy symptoms may include hives, rashes, itching and heavy breathing.

How does Elimination Diet Work?

Elimination diet consists of 2 phases one is elimination phase and other is reintroduction phase.

The Elimination Phase:

This elimination phase of the diet involves eliminating foods that may cause irritability when you eat them. And this phase lasts long for 2-3 weeks. These foods may include corn, wheat, gluten rich foods, dairy, eggs, nuts, citrus fruits, vegetables and sometimes seafood. During this phase, you will notice what food is causing uncomfortable symptoms and remove them from your diet. If the uncomfortable or irritable symptoms occurs again after removing the specific food from your diet, then consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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