Liver Detox: Why you need it and how to do it

Liver is imperative for your health. This is one organ that works really hard. It has scores of important functions in the body, with some scientific researches attributing around 500 or more functions to it. It is the main organ that is behind the detoxification of your body. So liver detox is a must.

Liver detoxifies the body but needs a detox too

However, the funny part is that your liver has needs too. It detoxifies your body, but if liver is not detoxified, how will it detox the body? No, this is not a riddle, and we are not talking about the proverbial circle. This makes sense, Detox your liver so that it can detox your body properly. If that does not happen, get ready for hormonal imbalance. You wouldn’t want that, huh?

Why exactly to liver detox

Before taking on any detox mission, it is important to know what conditions lead to the need of a liver detox.


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