Mood Boosting and Refreshing Detox Smoothie Recipes

To boost your mood and to feel refreshing, try these tasty detox smoothie recipes for instant detox. The fresh ingredients used in these recipes will be used as power boost. Fruity minty and detox passion banana smoothie recipes are awesome to try and to serve as well.

Fruity and minty refreshing detox smoothie

This is one of my favorite’s smoothie recipes to enjoy. I place it first in ten recipes because you would also love to try it.


  • Apple half
  • Pineapple half cup
  • Pomegranate half
  • Papaya half cup
  • Green grapes half cup
  • Lychees five
  • Lemon juice of one lemon
  • Black salt half teaspoon
  • Mint leaves few
Moost Boosting and Refreshing Detox Smoothie
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Take all the fruit and wash them properly with water.

Chop all fruit and remove seeds from apple and lychee.

Take few mint leaves and rinse properly in water.

Take a blender and put all fruits and mint leaves in it. Give it a spin.

Mix some black salt and lemon juice in it.

Simply stir and enjoy.

How help in detoxification

  • Apples are fiber rich fruit which helps in regulation of blood sugar level and fight against carcinoma. This nutrition rich fruit also helps to combat asthma attack.
  • Pineapples are anti-inflammatory and also help in digestion. It carries bromelain and good for weight loss. It also carries cysteine proteases which is good for digesting proteins.
  • Pomegranate is a fruit which is good for everything, like good for your heart, brain and stomach. It prevents your body from prostate and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart issues. It also helps to improve memory and blood circulation. More than that, it works for blood pressure, skin diseases, arthritis and cognitive disorders.
  • If we talk about papaya then firstly papain is present in it. Papain is a digestive enzyme and helps to strengthen cardiovascular system, brawl constipation and battles for colon cancer.
  • Grapes are good source of copper. It also contains vitamin K, B2 and C in it. It also helps to prevent microbial infection. There is also present resveratrol in grapes which helps to increase durability. It helps to regulate blood sugar and improve cognitive functions.
  • Lemons are rich source of vitamin C. It helps in digestion and fight against various types of cancer.
  • Mint leaves are good to precludes microbial infection and cell damage. It also aids in digestion, mood booster and refreshing.

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