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Eating healthy can alleviate kids’ energy, sharpen their minds, and have very positive impact on their mood. Television, newspapers and immense advertisement for unhealthy junk food and soft-drinks makes kids crave for bad carbs and that ultimately make kids obese and fat. If a kid becomes fat at this age he/she will turn out to have even more diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and internal weakness as they grow up. So proper nutrition for kids is very important.

Kids have unique and important nutritional requirements. This is not necessary to meet their everyday activities but it is also very much important for their normal and healthy life. So it is very important for parents to take care of kids at this age by encouraging healthy eating habits. Care at this age will turn out to be lifelong investment in your children life and career.

Nutrition for kids
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Nutrition For Kids

Following are the best habits that a parent could develop in their kids and for themselves for their children best growth and nutrients because nutrition for kids and kids health is vital.

Cook meals at home:

Kids love to taste yummy food and it is even better if it is cooked at home with all its essential nutrients. Outdoor meals like burgers, pizzas, cakes and other sweets are so full of unhealthy carbs, fat, salt and sugar so preparing meals yourself can make huge difference on your kids’ nutritional health. You can cook even burgers and pizzas at home with less unhealthy carbs and less amount of sugar added.

Make your kids eat fruits and veggies:

Today’s kids are so far from natural stuff like fruits and vegetables and are more prone to unhealthy junk food. When it comes to lunch at school, even mothers prefer to get them very unhealthy food from school canteen which is absolutely not healthy and have less good carbs and plenty of unhealthy carbs and higher sugar and salt level.
Make your kids eat more fruits and vegetables cooked or raw. Ad fruits in their lunch and make their daily habit to have some. This little habit change will make big difference.

Calcium for Bones and teeth:

Calcium is very important nutrient for growing kids but unfortunately kids don’t get enough calcium to build stronger teeth and bones. Why is this so? Because kids are not so prone to milk and other dairy products instead they prefer processed food. Taking not enough calcium can leads to many bone diseases and even breakage. Make your kid drink milk and eat yogurt along with low fat cheese slices with daily breakfast and you will see the difference in days.

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