15 Best Sources for Plant-Based Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrient to our body for general health, post workout recovery, better brain function and for muscle building. Without proteins, our bodies aren’t able to perform at its best and they won’t be able to support us for longer period of time. The problem with us and our understanding is majority of the proteins we consume are from animals.

Despite all the opinions from people and food experts, we have included meat as a part of our daily life. And consuming this much meat is messing with our everyday health, environment and even causing benevolent problems. So, it is time, when we have to put all the pieces together and to find a better and real sustainable alternative i.e. PLANTS.

Plant Diet Myth:

I have heard that people used to say that we need to consume several types of foods to maintain healthy amount of proteins in our bodies. This is not completely true, neither can we ignore it completely. There are lots of plant based proteins, which are found in several foods that we can eat. When we consume a variety of proteins from different foods, our bodies make complete proteins from them so we doesn’t have to consume the best protein combinations that beans and rice etc.

One of the biggest struggle while choosing a diet is, we find it hard to replace meat with plant-based proteins because meat is not just tasty but enjoyable. The best thing we can do to find an alternative is let’s stop focusing over the look of our dinner plate.

Let’s re-think about proteins:

At first, get rid of the general perception of the dinner plate that includes a nice piece of meat, some whole grains and some veggies. Though it is not wrong if you want to have proteins at a meal but it is also not particularly mandatory for consuming everything that you need. You can fill your body with all the necessary proteins with plant-based diet, especially at snack time, without consuming a heavy meal, you can support your protein intake.

You can also consume foods with smaller amount of proteins at every meal and your body will form its own proteins from them, even such foods aren’t that much rich in proteins as meat is. Remember, human body can use lots of proteins at one time and the one it cannot digest goes to the waste and sometimes it can also be harmful for general health. A little focus on what you eat can do wonders for your overall health.

Following is a list of great plant based foods that will give you quick boost of proteins and will help you improve your general health:

1. Green Peas:

Loaded with lots of fibre and proteins, green peas are delicious. One cup of peas contains 8g of proteins. Use them in your daily diet with salads, sandwiches or just sprinkle them on anything or use them raw as they are sweet in taste. Bonus point is they are rich in leucine, which is an amino acid that supports weight loss by stimulating metabolism.

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