Super Foods to Improve Fertility, Reproductive Phases and tips to increase Fertility Ratio

Human bodies are incredible; they create a man from the existing one. It’s in fact a miracle and somehow very complex to understand. We often link fertility and the method of conception with the medication and complex medical procedures. But in that case medicine and medical procedures must be the end weapon to fight infertility. All human have same features like eyes, lip, and nose on face but still they all look different. Isn’t it strange for you? Just like that the all human bodies are same but still they are not similar.

A girl having lots of alcohol and drugs may conceive earlier as compared to the girl who is stick to good diet. It’s not because food does not matter. Actually it does matter a lot. It’s the medical condition which is different in different persons and the response of body towards food. According to the medical science the food is the first step to get an increase in your fertility ratio. With food you can control your weight and sculpture your body.

Weight is important in the sense, as it effects your cycle. Being overweight and underweight can cause the irregular ovulation. Ovaries and the fat cells in contact with each other regulate the estrogen level in the human body. Estrogen directly effects ovulation. If you are overweight or obese then it results in the production of too much estrogen. While in the case of being underweight the body will not be able to produce sufficient amount of estrogen in the body. Firstly you have to maintain a healthy body weight to keep your reproduction system in set of scales.

Whatever the case is, to get a sound body you must have balanced body weight and for this the body mass index BMI is highly recommended. It is very easy to count in which you check whether your weight is appropriate according to your height or not. If the value lies in the range of 19-24 then you have a healthy weight. And anything above or under that range means you need to work on your body. You can calculate BMI through the calculator given as under.

The number you get as a result will be defined as under;

Underweight if the value is below 18.5

Normal weight if it is in the range of 18.5-24.9

You are overweight if your reading lies in the range of 25-29.9

And you are obese if you got result of 30 and above.

Once you make sure that your weight is normal then it would be good for you in all aspects of life.

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