Things to Do to Stay in Shape

We all are admirer of celebrities’ lovely curves and body shape. But it is a dream which is not an easy task to achieve. Most of us put lots of efforts to get our targeted results. When we achieved our goal we feel like in a heaven. For us we got the accomplishment of our destiny. But we don’t realize that the toughest part starts now. Because it’s difficult to win but it is most difficult to continue our victory chart with the passing years. We all are too much busy with our hectic life schedule. You don’t have enough time even for yourself. That’s why we decided to show you things to do to stay in shape, how you can stay fit and spend a healthy lifestyle without disturbing your busy schedule.

Things to do to stay in shape
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Tips to stay in shape

First of all, to keep your body in shape you have to work with your mind. It is something that we come to realize that a healthy mind promotes a healthy body. Mainly it is a mind game. You are stick to your healthy life style but one day you feel so low and don’t want to go to gym. Then you also had to have some junk food and fizzy drinks. If you present such treat for you once a week then it’s not a big deal. But if it is happening more often then you will be back at your previous body weight in less time.

Things to Do to Stay in Shape

Here’s 8 things to do to stay in shape when you’re short on time:


Squats are something which burns the most. It works for your booty and helps you to get that butt you have always wanted. Take it as a fun part not as a work. What you have to do is: Whenever you sign in your Facebook id, check your Facebook while getting into the squat position. Whenever you enter in your home or apartment does 10-20 squats. It will help you a lot to stay in shape.

Use Stairs and Say No to Lift

Minimize the use of lift and elevator in your life. Instead of it tries to walk as much as you can. If you still can’t get the walking activity in your life then go for a pre-dawn walk. Neither a treadmill nor a gym activity can be a substitute of a morning walk. The fresh air and inhalation of more oxygen is the best of all.

Kitchen Workout

When you achieve your targeted body shape then you have you start your workout at your kitchen. You have to kill the calories and cut those carbs and fats which you are going to add in your food. Don’t eat boring and dull but healthy. There are lots of healthy yet yummy recipes which you can easily cook.

Photographic Motivation

Place a picture of your favourite celebrity on your room wall. You need a motivation in your life. For this the best motivation would be your favourite star sexy picture which all that spice and style of beautiful body curves. If you want to look like her you have to stick on your healthy lifestyle for that.

Don’t Play Safe

Don’t play safe with loose stuff or clothes which cover your body fat. Instead of it you have to give yourself a challenge. Most popular holly wood celebrity Angelina golie always purchased a jeans one size less than her actual size. Purchase your favourite outfit in size less than your actual size. Now you will definitely work to be fit in that dress.

Feel Good Naked

Append more time naked in front of mirror. You will proud yourself and would love to be in that body figure forever. It would be an inspiration and at the same time a motivation for you. You can directly see the results of your workout. You can also notice that body changes in your body which comes after some sluggish behaviour in your life.

More Close to Nature

When you spend your life more close to nature you automatically get into the healthy lifestyle. Instead of using white rice use brown rice, brown sugar rather than white sugar, brawn bread and so on. Use whole food item instead of taking refined food. When you are more close to nature you increased fibre intake in your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best you can get for your body.


Meditation itself won’t burn calories, it gives you self-control. Before sleeping you have to recall all your activities. Felt proud on your achievement and regret your cravings for brownies or some other junk food. You have to promise yourself that you will stop yourself from over eating. Studies have shown that people who spend 20 minutes of meditation per day have increased grey matter in brain. This grey matter is responsible for memory, self-control, responsiveness and sense of self.

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