Top 10 Health Benefits of Bananas

Banana is more than a natural snack or an energy booster. Take a banana and place it in front of your lips with tips pointed upward you will get a smiley face of yours. Same is the logic that adding banana in your diet will give you a smiley face while excluding it in your diet will give you a sad face. Add some happiness in your life and spend a healthy life with eating bananas. Today, we will guide you striking and beneficial 10 health benefits of bananas.

Banana act as an instant source of energy and it added some sweetness without having lots of calories. You can use it even into your strict diet plan. This fruit would be recommended by you nutritionist or your trainer for having a healthy and fit body.

Health benefits of BANANAS

There are lots of banana eating benefits due to which you it must be added in your diet on regular basis some of which are given below.

  1. Banana is a rich source of potassium which is available in a convenient form. Potassium is essential to regulate normal blood pressure and maintain heart function. It is also beneficial for your kidney and bones.
  2. The risk of having a stroke reduces by 40% by adding banana in your diet.
  3. Bananas are a source of instant energy as they made in a combination of natural sugars, soluble fibres and rich potassium. It is a perfect energy booster for you in the morning and evening. You can easily take two bananas in the morning before going to gym or for your morning walk.

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