Top 15 Foods Rich In Estrogen That Provide Adequate Estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone which is present in both gender of males and females. This hormone is more important in females as it turns a girl into a woman. It affects women more than men. This hormone is directly involved in the reproduction, menstrual cycle and other sexual function both in male and females. It is also important for the development of bone, reaction to emergencies, tissue functions, cholesterol levels and metabolism.

This hormone is very much important to bring out all the physical changes in the body. In young girls approximately at the age of eight Estrogens level starts increasing. This hormone increases till the time of her puberty. Due to this hormone the girls breast size increases, they start their menstrual cycle, grow pubic and under arm hair. It is also present in males but in small amount. Estrogen is also involved in the bone development. This hormone work with the other body hormones, calcium and vitamin D to break the bones and rebuilding them according to the body functioning.

 If men have higher level of estrogen in their body then it may also increases the size of their breast and may suffer from poor erection. It may also cause them suffering from the low libido and more belly fat in their body. In females the higher level of estrogen leads to the condition of pre-menopause who are obese. In some females the extra-large size of breasts is also due to higher estrogen level or hormonal imbalance in the body.

To have a normal level of estrogen in the body you need a good health of your endocrine system. If your doctor and certain tests diagnosed that your endocrine system is not producing sufficient amount of estrogen then you can increase its level naturally without any medication. With food you can control estrogen level in the body. Here we have the list of foods which helps in increasing estrogen in the body. You need to have more such foods to balance hormone level. If you have excess estrogen in your body then try to avoid these foods to balance.

Top 15 foods rich in Estrogen

  1. Soy

It is one of the best food sources to balance estrogen level. They carry phytoestrogen such as flavone and a plant product named as genistein. Flavone simulates the estrogen activity in the body and genistein mimics the effects of estrogen.

Soy milk and soy yogurt is also good to get estrogen. One can get 30mg of flavones or phytoestrogen from the 100gm of soy milk. You can replace cow milk from the soy milk if you are suffering from the estrogen deficiency. You can also make yogurt with this milk. Soy yogurt has 21mg of isoflavones in per 100gm of soy yogurt.

  1. Tempeh

It is derived from the soybeans but they have different texture from that of tofu. They are very good to get estrogen as they did not lose the desired content during the process. If you are suffering from the lower estrogen level in the body and menopause, In that case they are very good to treat menopause symptoms.

They are also a good source of protein and some minerals like potassium and iron. These nutrients made it the perfect meat substitute for all the vegetarians and vegans.

tempeh benefits
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  1. Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are great to absorb estrogen in the body from a plant source. It does not have any side effects as that of present in the estrogen supplements. They helps in an amazing way to balance the hormone level in the body, it also works to lower the cholesterol level and very low in calorie. It’s a good choice for your healthy diet.

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