Top 15 Healthy Energy Boosting Foods – Quick Energy Foods

Your daily energy level depends upon the amount and types of food you consume every day. Foods which are high in calories and fats, takes time to digest and requires so much energy to digest. Such foods which are high in fats and calories will leave you exhausted and drained. To stay active and fresh, you should make some smart choices to fuel your body and energize yourself.

When the energy levels of your body is low, you might impulsively grab a cup of creamy and sugary coffee or some candies to have a quick boost of energy. But unfortunately, the effect of such foods on the body is short-lived and sometimes make you feel hungrier. The point of snack is to make you feel fresh and to provide energy. Snacks should be loaded with fibre, proteins and some complex carbs. Here are some foods that provide quick boost of energy either you can choose for snacking or for lunch and they feel energize you throughout the day.

15 Healthy Energy Boosting Foods


Almonds are the superheroes of the snack world because they are loaded with lots of essential nutrients like B vitamins, antioxidants and magnesium. Magnesium plays an important role in boosting your energy levels while you exercise, as the researchers says that people who have magnesium deficiency are more likely to feel tired after few minutes of exercising. And the deficiency of B vitamins can lead to poor concentration, fatigue, and irritability. So in both cases almonds are what you need. 1 oz. serving of almonds or 23 nuts are enough for one time snacking to have adequate amount of energy.

2. Air-Popped Popcorn

Whole grain snacks are best to provide you enough power along with multiple nutrients. They include plenty of fibre that prevents the crash of blood sugar that usually happens when you consume simple or refined carbs. When it comes to snacking, pop-corns are the smarter choices in place of crunchy bags of chips that aren’t whole grain but they are just low in calories. But when they are loaded with butter, oil or salt, they become calorie containing unhealthy option of snacks. Pop corns makes you feel fuller and satisfied for longer as compared to the crackers or chips. Let’s ditch microwave popcorns which are already flavored with butter or cheese and start flavoring your own kernels with sice and herbs.

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