Top 18 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Snacks are important because they prevent overeating and accelerates the metabolism by making your internal body working. 3 meals a day are common as breakfast, lunch and dinner but one day meal should consist of 5 meals. Because when you eat 2 or 3 times a day, you tend to eat more than usual. But when you eat 5 meals a day including 2 snacks, you will eat in less portions and your body will get time to digest.

Ideal time for snacks is, after the 2 hours of breakfast and 2-3 hours of lunch. The problem with snacks is snack selection because it is hard to find healthy ones. And most of the people consider junk and process food as snacks along with lots of sugary items. When you come back from office after long and tiring day, you need something quick to fix sudden hunger pangs and you end up eating something sugary or processed. But you don’t have to fear now.

There are a lot more healthier snack options that doesn’t contain so much of fats or sugar or any other harmful carbs. You can have a look at these healthier snack options to fix your horrible odd time cravings. By focusing on the list, you can feel healthy, energized and clean and won’t be leaving yourself with so much of sugar and carbs. With these healthy snacks, you can curb your odd time hunger pangs and less likely to disrupt your buff-to-blubber ratio plus you can also provide your body with lots of vital nutrients.

18 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss


Nut butter contains healthy fats, lots of minerals and proteins but make sure you aren’t going for lots of sugary options. It comes in packaging from single serving to 2-3 people serving. In order to avoid consuming larger amounts, go for single serving pack like the packages of peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts.


Pistachios are filled with lots of healthy nutrients with so much of proteins, monounsaturated fats that regulates the cholesterol levels. Also plenty of fibres and energizing B vitamins. In-shell pistachios are the perfect options for snacks. But they contains 160 calories in 1 oz. serving and they are so tasty that they can quickly turn into over consumption of calories. But according to the Eastern Illinois University’s research, people who spend extra time and effort in removing the shells, consume 41% of lesser calories as compared to the people who go on snacking on already un-shelled snacks. This is because the extra effort and work puts the pause on mindless over-consumption of the snacks.

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